SSR VUEX Nuxt.Js doesn't load localStorage while initialization

Nuxt.Js SSR Mode failed to load LocalStorage


Recently my new static hosted webapp have run in a bug. I discovered: Some bots and search indexes, doesn't index meta Tags correctly when SSR mode is disabled.

SSR Mode

I thought it will be obvious not to enable SSR mode because my webapp is pre-rendered with nuxt generate.

The documentation for this mode is super light and there is no other reason to disable it, other then you use a SPA. This wasn't my case, so after setting SSR to default i ran in another bug.

The Vuex store doesn't load my initial State anymore. After many trials and error, googling around and finding dead traps. I implemented a solution by myself.



const loadLocalStorage = process.client
  ? JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('state'))
  : undefined

export const state = () => ({
  cookiesAccepted: false

export const mutations = {
  initStore: state => {
    state.cookiesAccepted = loadLocalStorage?.cookiesAccepted || false


export default {
  updated() {
    if (process.client) {

Now the initial State loading will be delayed, until the default page layout is updated.

Maybe this solution will also helps you.Good Luck.

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