Getwiremesh static e-commerce platform is an e-commerce platform made with the Nuxt.Js Framework.


  • Headless E-commerce Platform
  • Made with NuxtJs 2
  • Netlify Functions server less Order handling
  • Stripe & Paypal Integration
  • Woocommerce / Wordpress Backend
  • Multi Language / Multi Domain
  • Calculate Measures, VAT, Shipping Costs
  • On Page SEO
  • Server & User Security nuxt e-commerce shop

Headless E-Commerce Shop

The platform is deployed on Netlify. Each sub page is static pre rendered HTML. All assets will be served over worldwide CDN. Netlify uses Amazon AWS servers. This makes the platform ultra responsive, no matter where you are.

Multilingual Multi Domain Shop Platform

The shop is Multi-Language. Every language is reachable under a unique domain. For SEO reasons some actions have been made, to ensure that no content is leaking on the wrong domain. Every domain is served from the same Repo hosted on Netlify. The localization Plugin Nuxt-i18n doesn’t work well with static ssr sites and multi domains. I realized only the standard locale will be pregenerated. I build a few workarounds with generate data injections, but after it came clear this isn’t a solution for the root domain and some other shared urls, I decided to refactor again. Now my build process generates full dists for every locale. And I use Netlify to proxy traffic to different sub folders. Technically it’s a fresh build for every locale.

Netlify Functions serverless Order handling

Order handling is provided by Netlify serverless Functions. The Webshop order the User has made on his client rendered Single Page Application (SPA) could be easy manipulated for bad reasons. So every order will be double checked by serverless functions to prevent fraud. Also these functions are responsible to initiate Stripe and PayPal transactions.

Payment Provider

Stripe & Paypal is only available to a limited number of Countries. Only supported payment methods are selectable by the customers billing address. The payment intent is created in serverless functions. Also billing confirmation are handled by serverless functions.

E-Commerce Backend

The Orders are stored in a woocommere / Wordpress backend. The decision to use a classic e-commerce backend was made, because it’s a reliable infrastructure. And the Integration with our ERP Provider Billbee is more stable then any other Database solution. I did a few tests with FaunaDB and webhooks. But I have always gone beyond the limits of Billbees API. The actual solution is more stable and trusty now.

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