Intercom Bim Cloud is a collobration platform for the architecture and construction industry.

Project Description

INTERCOM allows direct collaboration with other project stakeholders on the digital model. This enables targeted discussions and real-time decision-making, supported by visual elements. Similar to a video game, users can explore the model from different perspectives as avatars. The ability to assume the viewpoint of other participants within the scene promotes team interaction and enhances shared project understanding.

The model-based chat function operates similar to a messaging service and can be seamlessly integrated with screenshot and comment features. This provides added value for teamwork, allowing contributions to be visually and textually shared in the chat through sketching. The communication history and outcomes are stored throughout the project, ensuring transparency and traceability of decision-making. The insights can be documented using issue management and the connected BCF interface, facilitating task assignment to respective project partners.

Built on the principles of openBIM, this collaborative platform offers an intuitive and inclusive approach to the BIM process. It allows diverse disciplines to participate without technical barriers or specific software requirements, providing direct access to the building data model and its associated communication and decision-making processes.

At the core of this web-based platform is an open-source application with a fully modular software architecture. This allows for different levels of customization and configuration based on specific needs. The foundational components include IFC model visualization, chat and screenshot functionality, and project and user management. Additional features, such as the BCF interface, issue management, knowledge database, or customized corporate design development, can be added according to individual requirements. Furthermore, integration with VR applications, audio/video streaming services, and the creation of various e-learning formats are also possible.


  • Open Source
  • BIM Collaboration Platform
  • Made with VueJs 2, NestJs, ThreeJs
  • 3D Model Viewer with IFC Support
  • Player Avatars
  • Realtime Chat
  • Screenshot & Comment Function
  • Issue Management
  • User Management
  • File Management
  • Learning Management System

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